Miss Satine Burlesque Starlet, model pin up, actress and author of her own autobiographic book “Memories of a Burlesque”, Silvia Sorrentino made her notice as actress in the 2008 movie “Il Respiro di Laura” by the director Christian Arioli and in the same year for the production Futura plays a dramatic role “The night Inside” against violence against women. In 2011, other plays acting in other two movies as co protagonist, “Fiaba Nera” by the same Christian Arioli and “To Paradise”, directed by Anis Garbi. Connections Kokeshi the director Paolo, La casa del silenzio di C.Arioli. At least, she performed some tv programs like “Baby Stations” and “Giocare” on the network Canale Italia. Charmed both by the 50 ages divas and the vintage world, she gave voice to her artistic vein catapulting herself in the world of the Burlesque Art. In 2009 she conquered the stage performing for the first time in the famous show of the giant Champagne Calix, like the American Diva Dita Von Teese. A winning idea which made her been appreciated in Italy and over the ocean. Mastery of the scene, scenic presence and a body which curves remember the Pin Up divas, make her being a Burlesque of absolute success. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington DC, London and Switzerland are only few of the locations in which Miss Satine performed, showing irony, sexiness and elegant movements which made and make her Acts attracting shows. She draws in Italian famous stages like the “Campione d’Italia Casino” and the “Roof Garden” of Sanremo Casino. She shares the stage with famous Italian singers at the White Night of Genova on the fabulous location of Palazzo Ducale. Miss Satine represents Italy on the Ohio Burlesque Festival in Cleveland acting “The Black Widow”. Miss satine has partecipated the famous festival of burlesque internazional in Paris and for the first time an Italian woman ranking first vote for the web and salt on the third step of the podium wiht the votes of the jury. Will represent Italy in March 2013 at the Munich Burlesque festival in Germany, in May Show me the famous burlesque festival of Saint Louis USA, and in July selected, and choose among hundreds of performers in the world the important contest Coloradoo Burlesque Festival Denver USA. By today, she can commend 12 different acts. In February 2013 Miss Satine in America Becomes a cartoon character Heroine Venus. In March 2013 and will publish the first edition of the first bilingual guides on the burlesque "BURLESQUE PERFORMER BOOK" distributed in Italy, USA and available online. The return of his Third Tourne American Burlesque is organizing the first festival dedicated to both the professional performer or performers at New Italy The Queen Burlesque Festival. Proving to be a true activist in the field organizes in collaboration with the Dixie Evans in New York a week to charity evening in Milan by calling the order less than 32 artists from all over Italy. In November 2013 she represent Italy at "The Great Southern Exposure Burlesque" located in Cahrlotte (USA) and she's take the second place for the doble act perform. In April 2014 represents Italy in Russia at the World Festival Burlesque Miss Russia getting a double win with "Benefit Best Performer" and "Best costum and scenic presence" confirming his talent in the world. In June 2014 was chosen to participate in the great Expo Australian festival "The Grand Galà" where it's taken in Sydney and Canberra. In October 2014 becomes testimonial as a sponsor for the football team "MISS SATINE FC" in the national championship Uisp Foligno. This choice as a spokesman for a strong message against femicide. Ended the year in style with a touring American who sees engaged in four different states: Charlotte, Baltimore, Washington and New York. At the Great Exposure Burlesque Festival, Miss Satine is the only Italian representative, and she win the special crown "Plus Big Mamma's Choise 2014". This award is given only to those who best represented the spirit of the festival, winning jury, public and organization. World burlesque aspires to conquer the American public, and Miss Satine, after getting his first crown American, begins his 4th tour. She performed for the first time in Richmond, Baltimore and New York City, where she performed for 7 nights. Conquer a standing ovation at The slipper Room of American burlesque house located in the heart of Manhattan.
Miss Satine has represented Spain at the famous festival The Great southern Exposure Burlesque Competing in two different categories in group category with the trio called Nymphs & Satires and solo. Gets the top of the results, winning both categories and won the title of: "Most Classic southern Exposure 2016", "Best Group 2016" and "Princess southern Exposure 2016", confirming that the Italian with more victories in the world.


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